Frequently asked questions about my service.


Powder Coating is a process whereby a paint in the form of a powder is electrostatically applied to a grounded material. This type of paint is also known as ‘dry paint’.

The Process works when the powder is being held to the material by the electrostatic attraction. The material is then heated (usually to 180 degrees). This binds the powder together and after approximately 20 minutes, the powder is cured to the material.

Once the powder has cured to the material the item is taken from the oven and is left to cool in an uncontaminated space, leaving a lovely, durable finish.

Metals are the most common material to coat, though MDF, glass and a number of other materials can also be coated if they can withstand the high temperatures of the oven.

To get a perfect finish the prep work needs to be perfect. If there is previous pain on the material or oil/ grease, then the powder finish won’t be as good as it could be.

Over recent years, powder coating has been seen as a superior method to cover materials in comparison with a ‘wet’ paint method.

Powder coating in general is very durable and it resistant to being effected by natural causes. e.g UV light. This does however vary depending on the type of powder you choose to use. Coating a material gives a thick layer between the material and oxygen, which in turn helps to prevent corrosion.

Coating items leaves a smooth, uniformed finish as you can create a controlled film thickness. Powders are available in a vast number of colours. Clear coats can be added to the colours to create different finishes. Just ask for more information.

The start-to-finish process is relatively quick. Alot of this is due to the fact that powders are available to use right away, no pre mix is needed like a wet method. Once the material is cooled and the powder is fully cured the materials can be handled immediately which is also very helpful.

In powder coating there is no solvent wastage during the entire process. This means coating is environmentally friendly which is just another added benefit.

Here at GRD we do not currently have facilities to sandblast materials. We hope things will soon change and we can offer to prepare the materials.

We do have a local firm we use to do all of the prep work if you are struggling to get it done yourself, however we do recommend having the material taken back to raw and brought to us to be coated within a day or too to prevent the material from the natural elements too much. Any moisture in the air could cause the material to start to surface rust, so give us a call to arrange any plans.

Before we coat any material we will always give it a once over by hand and a thorough degrease will be done in house, to ensure the best possible result. In addition to this service we offer, we can also leave some areas bare and coat in another colour if you like 2 tone. Again, get in touch with any queries and we will do our best to help out!

Any item can be powder coated, regardless of its previous treatment.

As-long as the material has been taken back to its original state and has been prepared thoroughly then there shouldn’t be any issues. We recommend either paint stripper, or sandblasting. Give us a call to discuss.

We can do pretty much whatever suits you, if you want us to collect and drop off, just give us a call and we can give you a relevant quotation. We can also ship items, depending on the size. Separate surcharges apply, so get in touch to ask.

Email for a quote.



Please include a description of the item(s) you would like powder coated, current condition, dimensions (if known) and colour code you are looking for along with any other information which will help us gauge what you are after.

I will aim to get back in touch within 24 hours of receiving the request.